DeepRay Glider Robust Autonomy Project Funded

24 March 2017: KSE Lab is partnering with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) to the deliver the next generation of autonomous vehicles as part of the DeepRay Glider Robust Autonomy project. The project was recently awarded funding through DST Group’s Competitive Evaluation Research Agreement (CERA) Program to investigate robust decision making by the DeepRay autonomous underwater vehicle in complex real-world environments. Its outcomes will enable the DeepRay Glider to adapt to a constantly changing environment, allowing on-the-fly updates of mission goals to reflect chosen priorities and make intelligent decisions to achieve those goals.

iMove Cooperative Research Centre achieved funding

8 March 2017: It was recently announced that the iMove Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) was granted $55 million funding over the next 10 years. The iMove CRC aims to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve national productivity and competitiveness through the development of advanced digital vehicle technologies. KSE Lab is looking forward to contributing the iMove CRC.

APCCM 2017 Best Paper Award

1 February 2017: Congratulations to lab members John Wondoh, Georg Grossmann, and Markus Stumptner for being awarded Best Paper at APCCM 2017 for the paper titled: Dynamic Temporal Constraints in Business Processes. The paper investigates the handling of temporal constraints that may change during the execution of a business processes.

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New papers accepted to APCCM’17 and ACSC’17

December 2016: Look out for our papers and presentations in 2017 at the APCCM and ACSC conferences (part of the Australasian Computer Science Week). The APCCM paper looks at dynamic temporal constraints for business processes, while the ACSC paper investigates custom visualisation of ontologies.

APCCM 2017:
John Wondoh, Georg Grossmann, and Markus Stumptner.
Dynamic Temporal Constraints in Business Processes

ACSC 2017:
Felix Burgstaller, Martin Stabauer, Rebecca Morgan, and Georg Grossmann
Towards Customised Visualisation of Ontologies

Integrated Law Enforcement Team Awarded National Security Impact Award at D2D Conference

November 15th: At the Data-to-Decisions Conference held recently, the Integrated Law Enforcement (ILE) Team, of which KSE Lab is a member, was awarded the National Security Impact Award. This award recognises the team making the greatest contribution to national security outcomes: now and in the future. The ILE program of the D2D CRC aims to provide police forces and analysts with uniform access to integrated information located in diverse data sources. The award acknowledges that the platform developed to date has significant potential to enhance the work of intelligence analysts from a range of agencies.

MULTI-16 Workshop

17 August 2016: KSE Lab is taking part in the 3rd International Workshop on Multi-Level Modelling (MULTI’16) to be held in conjunction with MODELS’2016 in October. Workshop co-chair Georg Grossmann (of KSE Lab) would like to encourage you to attend and join the discussion to solidify what Multi-Level Modelling means to the modelling paradigm at large.

Be sure to check out the presentation of our accepted paper: A Feature-based Comparison Framework of Multi-Level Modeling Approaches and Tools, Muzaffar Igamberdiev, Georg Grossmann, and Markus Stumptner

New Lab Members

15 August 2016: KSE Lab is excited to welcome two new members: Wenhao and Amir. They will be working in the D2D CRC as part of the Integrated Law Enforcement Project. With their addition, work on the project is ramping up. We look forward to working with them as part of our team.

KSE Lab is in The Lead

25th July 2016: KSE lab is in the news! The South Australian news site The Lead featured an article about our work with the Defence Science and Technology Group on extracting behaviours from text, modelling the behaviours, and transforming the models into executable form for combat simulations. Check out the article and have a look the project for more details.