Phase 1 of Doctrine to Code project complete

22 January 2016: We recently submitted the deliverable for the first phase of the Doctrine to Code project for the DST Group, which involved an early prototype of the behaviour modelling tool and the process extraction from text. The project aims to assist the DST Group in improving the time taken to develop and deploy combat simulations across multiple simulation environments. The next phase of the project will investigate the automated transformation of behaviour models into executable code for a target simulation environment.

ER 2015, Best Student Paper Award

21 October 2015: At the 34th International Conference on Conceptual Modelling (ER 2015), a member of KSE Lab, Matt Selway, won the Best Student Paper Award for the paper titled “A Conceptual Framework for Large-scale Ecosystem Interoperabilty”

  • [PDF] [DOI] M. Selway, M. Stumptner, W. Mayer, A. Jordan, G. Grossmann, and M. Schrefl, “A Conceptual Framework for Large-scale Ecosystem Interoperability,” in Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Conceptual Modelling (ER 2015), 2015, pp. 287-301.
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PRIF Funding for Software Interoperability in the Oil and Gas Sector

12 May 2015: KSE Lab, alongside several others from the University of South Australia, has received funding for an ongoing project for software interoperability in the Oil and Gas sector. The funds were awarded in the third round of the International Research Grant Program, part of the Premier’s Research and Industry Fund (PRIF) that aims to facilitate collaboration with international partners. The funded project, part of the ongoing Oil & Gas Interoperability Pilot (OGI Pilot), partners us with Assetricity, LLC (US) to develop flexible data transformation software that will enable owner/operators of  large industrial plants to make better use of currently siloed data and reduce costs by improving the efficiency of information sharing.

D2D CRC wins $25 million grant

July 2014: KSE Lab is proud to be a part of the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC), which has been awarded $25 million grant funding from the Australian Government. The D2D CRC is bringing together a large array of industry and research partners to become a leader in Big Data capability and improve the analysis of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data for a safer and more secure nation.

KSE Lab @ ISA Automation Week 2012

25 September 2012: The KSE Lab took part at the ISA Automation Week 2012 in Orlando, Florida, and provided the Transform Engine technology for the Oil & Gas Interoperability Demonstration. In collaboration with Assetricity, MIMOSA, OpenO&M, Intergraph, Worley Parsons, IBM, AVEVA and Bentley, the KSE Lab demonstrated the handover of design documents in ISO 15926 format to the operation and maintenance side in MIMOSA format. For more information see the news article on and the YouTube recording of the live-demo.